Feature on Phillipa Nefri Clark, Jasmine Sea: A River's End Love Story Bk, 2 #Giveaways

This week our Feature on Author is on Phillipa Nefri Clark. She has a new book, Jasmine Sea: A River's End Love Story, Book Two.

Phillipa Nefri Clark grew up around lonely Australian beaches with wild seas and misty cliffs. From a young age she wrote stories and dreamed of being a writer. There were many detours along the way as she trod paths as diverse as a travelling sales rep to singing and acting. Fascinated by film, Phillipa wrote five feature length screenplays, one which was optioned. Now living in regional Victoria on a small acreage close to a mountain range, she markets the family business a few days a week and writes the rest of the time. With nonfiction credits for specialist canine publications, she finally returned to stories with the release of The Stationmaster’s Cottage, a dual timeline romance, in February 2017. Her great loves, apart from writing, are her family of two young adult sons and her husband, their Labrador, music,  fine wine, and friends.

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What are a few things we would find on your desk?
There is a lighthouse lamp belonging to an unfinished novel. An box of index cards filled with story ideas. Coffee cup or occasional wine glass. Books on my to be read list. Laptop and an old PC.

What motivates you to write? 
I have to. Since I could hold a pencil, I wrote stories. If there’s any motivation, it is to share my stories and perhaps make someone feel what I do.

Share something about yourself no one else knows? 
No one else? Hmm. I really, really want to have a couple of donkeys. (My husband may know this seeing as I mention it periodically).

What was your favorite scene to write? 
Without giving any spoilers… a pivotal point in Jasmine Sea. Christie is in intense danger and all might be lost. There is a surreal moment, perhaps her mind playing tricks or her subconscious screaming for her to respond. It is profoundly touching and connects her childhood with who she is today. I cried bucket loads of tears writing it.

Tell us about your book… 

Jasmine Sea follows on from The Stationmaster’s Cottage but can be read alone. Christie Ryan’s life is starting over in the seaside town of River’s End, now that she is free of her ex-fiancé, Derek, and happily, deeply in love with Martin Blake. The Stationmaster’s Cottage was about healing the mistakes of the past, but Jasmine Sea is about facing the past. A mystery woman commissions a painting from Martin, insisting her identity be kept secret. This brings unrest to his relationship with Christie. When a crime spree disturbs the sleepy town, Christie is forced to overcome her deepest fear, or risk losing everyone she loves. It is heart-pounding, utterly romantic, and touching.

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  1. Beautiful cover!

    I'd love to have grown up on a quiet sea! So jealous.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! These days I am far from the sea and miss it terribly. Where did you grow up?

  2. Congrats on this second book!

  3. Donkeys? Well that's interesting. I like them too. We have wild burros here in Vegas on the way to Mt Charleston and sometimes they even walk over to your car and let you feed and pet them.

    1. Ooh, I love wild burros! Sounds so wonderful that they are friendly.

  4. Sounds like an interesting book.

  5. Wow sounds like a very moving story!
    I would love to have donkeys if I ever live in the farm :-) They are adorable!

    1. That means so much :-). Yes, they are adorable! We have five acres so have the room... just need to work on better fencing so maybe one day.

  6. I've never considered owning donkeys. They're not something you tend to Coe across every day...

    1. True. But think of those soft velvet ears and soulful eyes. :-)

  7. Sounds like a good read! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thank you! And greetings to you from Australia.

  8. This surely sound like a good read and I love reading storyline like this. Thanks for sharing.



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